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Flashing back to BT v5.x firmware - Request for help


'DuDeX' has written to me to request help on his attempt to install BT v5.29.107.12 recovery firmware onto a hub running BT v6.1.x firmware.  Here is an edited copy of his message:

I have been carefully reverse engineering the 5.29 firmware and have got to a point where the 2700hgv with 6.1 firmware will accept the firmware (  However, the only exception now is that as a result of my editing, the digital signature is now void.  I know that there are many people out there who are experts in digital sigs. All I need is someone to sign this file and it will work.  You could always pay Verisign to do this but I assume it costs a bit.

Anyway, I have attached the firmware for you to put it on your site.  Some peeps may be able to get around the signature verification on the router.

Details are as follows:

As I say, all it needs is to be signed and is then good to go!

Link to zip file containing DuDeX's modified firmware (I believe it is based on BT v5.29.107.12). 

Editor's note:  Please note that even if the digital signature issue is resolved, there is currently no guarantee that a hacked copy of the BT v5.x firmware will work on a hub previously using BT v6.x.   ie. there is still a very good chance the hub could perhaps be bricked.  Experiment with this modified firmware file at your own risk - it should not successfully install onto a hub in its current state due to the voided digital signature.




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