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The BT 2700HGV business hub is supplied to British Telecom business broadband customers since 2006.  This ADSL wireless router is manufactured by 2Wire.  The main processor is a TriMedia VLIW core/2wire 'Ares' CPU. The ADSL2+ analogue front end is provided by a ST Micro ST20184 on the 2700HGV, but the 802.11b/g wireless functionality is provided by Atheros.  The factory supplied firmware is locked to BT Business Broadband which prevents it from being used with any other ISP, but this can be overcome.  It has a growing reputation of excellent wireless coverage with hidden wireless power boost settings when using earlier firmwares.  Revised hardware started shipping from 2007 but BT have continued with the same model name.

Here is the original full discussion thread on the-scream.co.uk for unlocking the BT version of the 2700HGV wireless hub where v4.25.x or 5.29.x firmwares were installed..


            (Originally created by forum member 'unlokia', it has now grown to 30 pages long as of May 2009)

BT started beta testing a new v6.x firmware featuring BT OpenZone hotspot functionality towards the end of 2008, and started rolling it out to their business customers from March 2009.  Unlike the earlier v4 and v5 firmwares, this new v6 firmware has a new graphical user interface.   As a result of these modifications, there is presently no information on how to access and edit the wireless power and VOIP settings.   Fortunately, it is possible to unlock the BT v6.x firmware for use with other ISP networks.  

In the autumn of 2010, BT started to deploy the 2701HGV-C model. This has an additional ethernet port for optionally attaching to an external VDSL modem used in BT FTTC installations. Compared to other ADSL wireless routers currently on the market in 2010/2011, the 2wire 2700/2701 models are now looking very dated – the lack of wireless N support is the most noticeable omission.

(Updated 29 Jan 12): Details have started to emerge for the new BT Business Hub 3. It appears it will be a variant of the BT Home Hub 3 (HH3) Type A which has been offered to BT home broadband customers since spring 2010. Huawei currently manufacture the HH3 type B model.

(Review Jan 2014): The 2700/2701 hubs may be old and perhaps obsolete, but they are cheap to acquire and still useful. eg. They can be used in bridge mode on an ADSL broadband connection. This gives you access to a greater choice of using a better and newer cable router which suits your requirements.

The majority of the tips and workarounds described on this webpage have been obtained from information posted on forums and contributions from readers.   Full credit should go to all these contributors.  This website merely tries to bring all this useful information together.


What's bad about the 2700HGV ?

The 2700HGV is provided to BT Business Broadband customers, so if you pick one up on eBay or wherever, it will come with no guarantee or warranty from BT. The 2700HGV model hubs have generally proved to be very reliable. However, the mains power adapters have a life expectancy of between 2 and 4 years before failing.

Well, like all 2Wire routers past & present, there is no support for uPnP.  

(Added 26 Feb 10):  There is a short discussion about uPnP apparently existing on some versions of later BT firmwares.  Click here for more details.  I've been very busy lately, so not had a chance to investigate.

(Added 14 Mar 10): Arctophile from idnetters forum reports he uses a webcam application (YawCam) that can stream video. On both the V5.29.117.6 & V6 routers the program returns the message that the router is NOT UPnP compatible.

(Added 14 Mar 10): Zane reports his Singtel 2701HGV-E gateway running factory installed v5.29.133.25 firmware appears to support uPnP as it automatically set up the necessary ports for Skype and uPnP.  Click here.

VOIP was designed to work with BT services but there are discussions in the-scream.co.uk about how to persuade the 2700HGV to work with other VOIP providers.  I'm afraid I have no interest with VOIP - please refer to The-scream forums.  Most ppl have had most success with configuring 3rd party VOIP when using BT v5.29.107.12/19, less success with v5.29.117.x firmwares, and so far no success with BT's new v6.x firmware when configuring a brand new hub.

With BT's new 6.1.x firmware, there is presently no way of editing the wireless power setting.  The default wireless power setting of '1' equates to a power output is 25mW which is a quarter of the maximum power permissible for use in the UK.   Hubs with earlier v4 or v5 firmwares are a better bet if you need higher wireless power outputs.  Single SSID hubs with v4 firmware can support up to 400mW, and the any hub with v5 firmware will support up to 100mW.

(Added 1 May 11): BT ships v6.3.x firmware with their new 2701HGV-C BT Business Hub.  This has a default wireless power setting of '3', which I believe equates to 75mW power output.

As with all 2wire routers, the 2700 doesn't support configuration via telnet. If you are looking for high level of configurability which you may have come to expect from other makes of routers from the likes of Thomson, Linksys, Netgear etc, then I'm afraid you will need to look elsewhere.    From my experience of using past 2Wire gateway products, they tend to be engineered for ease of use for the likes of Joe Public.  I've rarely had to reboot a 2wire router because it has frozen/locked up unlike past Linksys and Netgear routers I've had the misfortune to use.





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