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Adjusting Wireless Power level setting on BT v4.25.x firmwares



I've since read of this method described on the-scream.co.uk for adjusting the wireless power levels settings.  I have briefly tested this method myself and it does work with BT stock firmware v4.25.27.  It basically involves editing the source code for the active web form displaying the wireless configuration page presented in the web browser.

                        home                    or  









                        home/mdc                or  



On my hub, these are my brief observations:

The graph below shows the obvious jumps in signal strength when I was cycling through power settings: 1 - 4 - 8 - 1


There is probably a power setting which sets the maximum Wireless power value of 400, but I didn't pursue this line of investigation.


Note: use of wireless power levels greater than 100mW (wireless power setting '4') is illegal in the UK.   Remember that wireless communications is two-way, so it may be all very well boosting the transmitter power of the router to get better reception, but this is a waste of time if the router cannot receive the weak signal from your wireless device.  BT appear to cripple their hubs to a single power setting of '1' from what I've read - this appears to correspond to a value of 25mW transmit power.  A power setting of '4' corresponds to 100mW - UK legal maximum.




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