Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Hardware version 2701-100588-005 (Assembly no. 4201-003003-006)


Hugo from Portugal wrote to me to advise he had bought an unlocked single SSID 2700HGV with SBC v4.25.19 recovery firmware pre-installed.  Unfortunately he discovered it simply would not work with his ISP (Simplesnet,  Portugal)  He could not get the hub to sync at all.

He eventually resolved the problem by installing the SingTel v5.29.117.3 firmware.


As a result of receiving Hugo's email, this has resolved the mystery surrounding the Assembly model no 4200-003003-006 and 4201-003003-006.  Clearly the hardware versions are subtly different ie. 2700-100588-005 vs 2701-100588-005 respectively.


Update 18 Jun 08:  Both Ted and Jay have since written to me they own hubs with hardware version 2701-100588-005 and have no connectivity problems with their UK based ISPs.


Update 7 Sep 08:  John wrote in to say he has been using a 2701-100588-005 model with SBC firmware, but was experiencing daily problems with laptops failing to connect to it.  Rebooting the hub cured the problem.  He has now flashed the hub with Singtel v5.29.117.3 firmware, and although the hub appears to be working, the flash may not have been a total success.  They 'System Summary' page apparently still displays the SBC logo, and he is now unable to access the firmware upgrade page.  'System Details' page is blank, and he is unable to change the keycode.



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