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Installing SBC Recovery firmware v4.25.19

+ Easy access to 10 wireless power level settings via menu (25 - 400mW).  Easy to set up.  Immune to BT v6.w firmware upgrade.

-  No Enhanced services (eg. parantel controls).  No WPA-PSK2 wireless security.  


Warning: BT Business Broadband customers may find their hub is blocked if using this firmware.

This firmware is only suitable for BT branded Single SSID 2700HGV hubs with an underside label resembling the example below.



It is NOT compatible with later British Telecom Dual SSID 2700HGV models. 

It is NOT compatible with any 2701HGV model.

It is highly unlikely to be compatible with any 2wire 2700 or 2701 model which reports the Hardware Version as beginning with 2701.


Note:  'Parental Internet Access Controls', Content Screening, Firewall monitor and possibly VOIP are not available with this SBC firmware v4.25.19.  The ability to monitor the broadband connection via the Internet Connection Speed monitoring window does not exist.  Also, it will NOT be possible to return the hub to previous BT v4.x firmware as no such firmware file is publicly available.   A release of BT v5.x firmware is available for the single SSID hub.


Do NOT use these instructions on newer BT 2700HGV models with 'Assembly No.' 4201-003003-007 or -008 printed on the label. You will damage your hub beyond repair if you install this firmware.

For non-BT models, do NOT use on models which report 'Hardware Version' 2701 in the 'Systems Details' page.




The following instructions are for BT hubs with Hardware version 2700-100588-005 and Assembly no. 4200-003003-004 to 4201-003003-006 only.   The SBC v4.25.x Recovery firmware is NOT compatible with later revisions of the 2700HGV hub with Hardware version 2701-100589-005 or later.

WARNING: Flashing the firmware to your BT 2700HGV hub, is done so at your own risk.  You could damage your hub beyond repair.

Download and unzip the firmware file to your hard drive.

Connect a PC using ethernet cable to the 2700HGV and point Internet Explorer to 

            gateway.2wire.net/tech/upgrade.html            home/tech/upgrade.html       or

            gateway.2wire.net/upgrade.html            home/upgrade.html      


When prompted, point it to the previously downloaded firmware file 'recovery_425.2sp

The whole upgrade procedure only takes a several minutes to complete.  The power LED on the router remains red in colour during the upgrade process.  In this time, do NOT be tempted to unplug the power from the hub.

Eventually, the router will reboot on its own and the Power LED changes back to green colour, you can then log into the router.  You may observe:

To correct the problem, you need to enter this 2wire manual setup key code:    5225-2374-WG62-22AS-BJ7P

Use the Setup Wizard on the hub's http://home  page.  Note there is a bug in the 'Setup Wizard' which means it will not complete the setup process and repeatedly complain about the ADSL username and password you try to enter.  This is normal.   Quit the Setup Wizard at this stage.

You can verify the new key code has been accepted by checking the Summary page. 

                    'Old shape' home gateway shown here too.


Navigate to the Broadband Link -> Advanced Settings page, to enter your ADSL and login parameters manually. 

Ensure 'ATM PVC Search' is set to 'Disabled', otherwise the 'ATM Circuit Identifier' and 'ATM Encapsulation' settings have no effect.

Ensure you are using the correct MTU value otherwise you will experience difficulties connecting to some websites.

When you save the settings, the 'Internet' light on the front of the hub should turn green in colour and the hub should successfully connect to your internet provider.


All 11 wireless channel numbers along with 10 wireless power level settings should hopefully now be offered. 

I note this SBC firmware may in fact have been originally intended for the 1xxx series of 2Wire routers.

                       11 wireless channels restored

                      10 wireless power level settings now available.


If the number of wireless channels and power settings do not change immediately after entering the manual key code, please be patient.  The hub frequently contacts the 2Wire provisioning servers, and if the servers do not respond, the hub may not update these settings immediately after entering the key code.  Simply leave the hub with its current key code for a few hours or a few days while connected to the internet and hopefully the wireless settings in the menus should automatically update.   You may also wish to try an alternative keycode, such as the standard BT keycode: 528Y-27G4-A222-22BJ-B22V

(Update 21 Apr 09):  Two reports in past month from owners of hubs with hardware version '2701-100588-005'  (Assy no. 4201-003003-006) advising they only see 3 wireless channels and wireless power level settings 1-4.  

(Update Dec 10):  It is worth pointing out the v4 firmware has long been replaced by newer v5 and v6 firmwares.  As a result, it will be of no surprise if hubs cannot retrieve configuration updates from 2wire's provisioning servers as the v4 firmwares are probably no longer supported.


Notes: In 2007, I've personally encountered problems using BitComet bittorrent client causing my wireless PC to slow down and lock up when using SBC firmware.  Changing to uTorrent client or using BT firmware resolved the problem.    See also 'Problem with Torrents' which may be of interest.


Update (June 2008): Ted advises me his SBC firmwared hub received a 'generic hotfix 124655'.  2wire advised Ted it was to fix a security vulnerability that has been widely publicised affecting 2wire products.



VOIP Settings

If you wish to configure the VOIP settings, please refer to the following page:     VOIP Settings  for BT v5.x firmware.


Please do not ask me any technical questions regarding VOIP, as I do not use VOIP.



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