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Installing BT Recovery Firmware v5.29.107.12

+ Easy to unlock using Javascript save method.   WPA2-PSK(AES) wireless security.  4 wireless power level settings hack (25 - 100mW).  Hack available to install Enhanced Services.  Immune to BT v6.w firmware upgrade.



Suitable for Single and Dual SSID models.



I downloaded this firmware via a link on the-scream.co.uk forum last year but never got around to try it until recently.

WARNING: Flashing new firmware to your BT 2700HGV hub, is done so at your own risk.  You could damage the hub beyond repair.

Click Here for a zipped copy of the firmware file: bt-2700hgv_reinstall_voice_adsl.5-29-107-12.2sp.  Refer to the section for Installing Recovery Firmware BT v5.29.107.19 for step by step instructions to install the new firmware - the procedure is exactly the same apart from the name of the firmware file.   This firmware cannot be used to downgrade hubs which have the new BT v6.x firmware.




After testing it recently, I believe this file was designed for earlier BT hubs with assembly numbers up to 4200-003003-006 (Hardware version 2700-100588-005).  However as this was a v5 firmware it ought to work with old and newer models. I have installed it on one of my dual SSID hubs (assy. no. 4201-003003-007, hw ver 2701-100589-007)


I immediately noticed quite a few things are now missing.  The option to check for upgrades is completely missing so it is not possible to install Internet Access Controls and Content Filtering.  The Internet Connection Monitor also appears to be missing too.

From the Provisioning Information contained in the 'home/mdc' webpage, the provisioning server is         cwmp.cms.smehomehubrms.bt.com        which is further proof this firmware was intended for the earlier model BT hubs.

The detailed logs report the hub is unable to contact the above provisioning server.  The server cannot be pinged but DNS entry still exists.  

Update (June 2008):  BT have decommissioned or blocked access to the provisioning servers at    smehomehubrms.bt.com. 

Update (Mar 2009):  Refer to the following section for how to install Enhanced Services using 2wire provisioning servers.




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