Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Installing BT Recovery Firmware v5.29.107.19

+ Easy to unlock using Javascript save method.   WPA2-PSK(AES) wireless security.  4 wireless power level settings hack (25 - 100mW).  Hack available to install Enhanced Services.  Immune to BT v6.w firmware upgrade.



Suitable for Single and Dual SSID models.



I downloaded this firmware from a webpage following a tip off from a reader, 'PokeyOaks'.


WARNING: Flashing firmware to your BT 2700HGV hub, is done so at your own risk.  You could damage the hub beyond repair.

Click Here for a zipped copy of the 'bt-2700hgv_reinstall_voice_adsl_5-29-107-19.2sp' firmware 'recovery' file.  This firmware cannot be used to downgrade hubs which have the new BT v6.x firmware.


            home/tech/upgrade.html            gateway.2wire.net/tech/upgrade.html       or

            home/upgrade.html            gateway.2wire.net/upgrade.html     







Test Results and notes




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