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SingTel v5.29.133.25 information

(New 14 Mar 10)


Zane was kind enough to send me some screen dumps of his recently installed Singtel 2701HGV-E Gateway.  It is supplied with v5.29.133.25 firmware.   (Clearly Singtel aren't confident to consider inflicting v6.x firmware onto their customer base) 

This page is for information only.  A copy of the recovery firmware for this release is NOT available for download.



Zane noted that this new SingTel firmware appears to have uPnP, as the hub automatically forwarded the relevant ports as used by Skype and uTorrent.


By changing the Singtel keycode to the regular BT key code, he was also able to enable Enhanced Services.

The only side effect is the BT keycode does not permit the MAC to be displayed.  Click here.




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