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Using BT v6.1.1.22 firmware on Singtel 2700HGV-2

(New 12 Jun 10)

(Update 11 Nov 2011): Gnix reports that his two Singtel hubs with v6.1.1.22 can no longer connect to the home page or connect to the internet. He resolved the problem by adding static routes to block access to the BT provisioning servers. 

Gnix from Singapore wrote to say he had installed the BT v6.1.1.22 beta firmware (17Mb) on to a spare Singtel 2700HGV-2 previously running v5.29.117.3 firmware.

He had to use the Opera method as described for installing the same beta firmware to Telstra router to input the ppp username and password. 

He is on the 10Mb plan with Singtel, and reports he is seeing download speed of 10M compared to the 9.5M when the same hub was previously using original Singtel firmware.

Here are some of his other observations which I have reproduced from the email he sent:

The Singtel Modem has additional MIO (IPTV), and its Voip services.

After flashing the BT firmware:

1. The IPTV does not work anymore, because the BT firmware does not have a multicast connection setting.

2. I cannot flash back to Singtel firmware.

3. The Modem now has 2 wireless ID, one can set under LAN à Wireless connection( has WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption) and other in BT fusion ( only has WEP and WPA encryption). There is also a BT open zone selection.

4. I cannot configure the modem to act as Wireless Access Point, because I am unable to disable the LAN DHCP server, (on v6.1.1.22 firmware, the check box option is missing when compared with v6.1.1.48, see pic below), I’ve tried to copy the page from Singtel V6 Modem firmware and set it, but it did not work.

5. For the VOIP part:

The Singtel firmware is locked to its own service and cannot be used on 3rd party VOIP provider. After flashing with the BT firmware, the VOIP can be set and configured with 3rd party VOIP provider.  I’ve tested it can receive calls, but it cannot dial out (after dialling the third digit, the line will be cut, making it unable to call). My guess is this is due to BT's dial plan setting, but on the Modem, I cannot change it.






Added 11 Nov 2011:

See also an update from Gnix by clicking here

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