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Wireless Power setting cannot be adjusted on BT v6.x firmware


I was browsing the Telecom NZ website's customer Help pages, and spotted the Telecom v6.x firmware used on their 2701HGV-W gateways offer a wireless power setting.

Reproduced from image contained on this Telecom web page


'Lokeynz' on the Geekzone forum was kind enough to upload the HTML source code for the wireless settings page from a Telecom 2701HGV-W hub.  The code can be viewed by downloading this file here and saving it as a .TXT file for viewing..

The bad news is the code reveals the parameter name used for the wireless power level is 'PWRID'.  This is the same parameter name used in previous 2wire v4 and v5 firmwares.

I tried using the relevant code to hack my hub running BT v6., but as Simon discovered back in March, the hub appears to be ignoring the PWRID parameter.   It would appear BT have well and truly blocked any attempt to hack the wireless power level in their v6 firmwares.


BT v6. firmware uses factory default wifi power level setting of '1', which corresponds to 25mW.

BT v6.3.x firmware as supplied with their newer 2701HGV-C BT business hub v3 model, uses a setting of '3', which probably corresponds to 75mW.



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