Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Unlocking Telstra Business 2701HGV-W



Image kindly provided by Ty


Bailey from Australia reported he successfully flashed his Telstra Business 2701HGV-W with the SingTel firmware.  The router was previously locked and used on BigPond.  After changing the firmware, he was able to use it on the TPG broadband network.  He reports good connection speed (11mbps on his line) with no further dropouts since changing the firmware and moving to TPG.  (Dropouts are apparently a known issue with certain Telstra firmware on 2701HGV-W with a BigPond broadband connection)

Model: Telstra Business 2701HGV-W
Hardware version: 2701-100655-004
Assembly number: 4201-019016-000
Serial No./Manufacture date: 4508*/Oct 2008
Original Telstra FW version: v5.29.113.x  (perhaps v5.29.113.13)


Darren Nolan's blog page also describes a method of unlocking Telstra supplied 2701HGV-W.  Click here for details.

(Update: 26 Sep 09):  Darren's blog page seems to be down, so I have reproduced the relevant content from a cached copy.

Telstra locks 2701HGV-W Wireless Home Modems

12:07 pm Random

Well, we canít really say itís completely unexpected Ė for a while now Iíve been able to sourc really cheap four port wireless modems from Telstra shops all over the coast here (like, $99AUD cheap).

While these modems arenít the best in the range, they are as above Ė really cheap, and work extremely well.  Lacking some things like VoIP (itís been disabled by their custom firmware Ė the hardware itself supports 2 lines iirc).

Hereís the issue
When attempting enter your username and password for your ISP into the modem, a javascript error message appears saying that your username is not a valid bigpond username.

The solution
You need to have Install Firefox on your machine, as well as the Web Developer Toolbar.

Open Firefox and point towards the modem page (URL in this example) and navigate through to Broadband link -> Advanced Settings (where you put your username/password).

Once there, right click on the empty page, select Web Developer -> Disable -> Disable Javascript -> All Javascript.

Enter your new username and password and click save.  The new page will load, and youíll see a warning about not having javascript enabled (you can safely ignore that).  Go ahead and turn javascript back on by doing what we did above Ė would hate for you to forget Ė and goto Broadband Link -> Details (or back into Advanced Settings).  You should see that your new username (and the password which you canít see on either page) is now updated to what you require.

The long alternative to this is remove the Telstra firmware off the modem and replace it with something like SingTelís version (which enabled VoIP access through the modem) but I havenít done that with the new firmware from Telstra yet.


I wonder whether anyone who has a hub with original Telstra firmware can confirm whether the Javascript save method described for BT v5.x firmwares will work on Telstra v5.x firmware?


There appears to be two versions of official Telstra firmware for this hub.  v5.29.113.13 and a much newer v5.29.135.12.


If you have successfully unlocked your Telstra 2701HGV-W  and/or successfully (or unsuccessfully) flashed it with alternative firmware, please let me know and I will publish your findings.



(2 Apr 10): Nick advises he has also successfully unlocked his router by installing the Singtel firmware.  He observes it has also resolved the line dropouts he was previously witnessing.

Model: Telstra BigPond 2701HGV-W
Hardware Version: 2701-100655-004
Original Telstra Bigpond Software Version
New Singtel Software Version:


(19 Feb 11): Henry reports  home/upgrade or home/tech/upgrade  do not work with the BigPond v5.29.135.12 firmware, it may suggest the 'upgrade' page has been deliberately removed from this particular BigPond variant of firmware.  He reports the Telstra v5.29.135.12, v5.29.113.6 and other versions all upgrade okay.  Similarly, the BigPond v5.29.113.6 and other versions are also upgradeable.


(12 Jul 11): Ty reports he flashed his BigPond 2701HGV-W initiall with the Singtel firmware, but found it caused slow response and dropouts on his noisy copper line in his rural Australia.   He then applied the Qwest QT04- firmware and has found it to be much better for a month with no issues at time of writing.  He does add he has not yet tested the wifi.



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