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Qwest firmware information

+ Configurable Wireless Power.  Time of day Access Control.

-  MTU does not appear to be manually configurable.  No VOIP options.  Some VPI/VCI values may be rejected (0/33 is not permitted)  Far fewer diagnostic/statistics menu options. Problem with direct downloading of very large files greater than 2Gb.

(Created: 4 Jan 11)

(16 Nov 11): Please read through the 'Test Results' section at the bottom of this page for the latest updates before proceeding to install this firmware.

'Landyn' from New Zealand has brought to my attention there is a Qwest QT04- firmware. This firmware is for the CenturyLink Qwest branded 2701HG-D 2wire router used in the United States.

'Landyn' has installed and tested it on a Telecom 2701HGV-W connected to his ISP, Slingshot (New Zealand).  He originally discovered it in a message thread at  www.underground.org.mx


WARNING:  Install at your own risk.  It could brick your hub or the firmware may be incompatible with your ISP.  Please note there is no way of returning to any earlier v5 firmware or to the original firmware previously installed/supplied with your hub. However, please also see BT v6.1.1.22 unfinished firmware.

Do NOT use this Qwest v6.1 firmware to downgrade a BT 2700HGV or 2701HGV-C which has newer v6.3.x firmware – it will semi-brick the hub rendering it unusable. I suspect other 2700/2701 models with firmware higher than v6.1 may also be bricked in similar manner. You could try downgrading first to BT v6.1.1.22 (17MB file) and then reflashing to the Qwest firmware.

Qwest.com Support download page   Download the .2sp file for 2wire 2701/2700HG

The recovery firmware file can also be downloaded from

 sendspace.com (Extract .2sp file from Zip file) or  hotfile.com (.2sp file).

At the time of writing, there is no means to change the MTU.  If your ISP requires a lower MTU setting (eg. TalkTalk/Tiscali/Pipex), do NOT use this firmware.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you upgrade via an ethernet cable connection.  ie. I do not recommend upgrading across a wireless connection.


To install the new firmware to a hub already running BT v6.x firmware, connect to the hub using an ethernet cable and use a web browser and navigate to     home/upgrade    webpage.  Follow the instructions to install the .2sp file.  The hub should automatically reboot when the upgrade is completed.  This will take a couple of minutes.


Landyn reports the Qwest firmware:

"came up with a cleaner interface and one which let me change settings with no special hacks (opera html source editing) and just worked nicely."

"Admittedly it is a bit cut down compared to the BT firmware, not as in depth with some statistics, but still extremely functional.
There is a further management console for syslogs etc at *router-ip*/support/utilities"

"But it lets you use any ppp username, not limited like the rest."


Links to some Qwest support PDF docs for 2700/2701 from this Qwest web page


It looks like the firmware first appeared in latter half of 2009 when Qwest inflicted the new v6 firmware onto its own customers with 2701HG-D routers.  Click here.

One user reports issues with this Qwest firmware.  Cannot stream Netflix through the router and he has observed DHCP server cannot be disabled.  Other users reporting problems too here. (Update 7 Oct 11:   I can confirm there is a problem downloading very large files in excess of 2Gb. See BT v6.3.x firmware which suffers from a similar issue.)



Configuration menus


These images were reproduced from my BT 2700HGV Dual SSID hub with the Qwest firmware installed.


I have a very poor ADSL line, so the target noise margin set by BT is 12dB.



Earlier, kinmel from the idnetter's forum informed me had loaded the Qwest firmware onto a spare 2700HGV (Assy no. 4201-003003-007) which had  BT v5.29.107.12 recovery firmware installed.  He kindly provided some screen dumps from the GUI.


Quick Setup


Note that the firmware defaults to Connection Type: PPPoE.  For most UK ISPs, you should change the Connection Type to PPPoA.


Advanced WAN IP Configuration for PPPoE

Click here for alternative PPP0A configuration page and DHCP configuration page

Note:  I could not see any way of manually configuring the MTU.


ATM Circuit Identifier values can apparently be manually entered if automatic detection fails, but not all values will be accepted.

(Added 14 Jan 11) Warning: idnetter forum member Bazru reports a problem trying to manually configure 'VPI/VCI' values of '0/33'.  He reports that any combination other than 0/33 can be saved. Upon further investigation, mkireev also reported difficulty trying to configure values of ''8/81' for ISP, Telmex, if the google translation of this forum message is correct.

(Added 17 Jan 11)  I can confirm Bazru's findings.  I tried saving a variety of common VPI/VCI settings including 0/32, 0/35, 0/100, 0/101, 8/81 and these all appeared to be all accepted after pressing the 'Apply' button.  I also tried to save a non-standard value such as 0/34 and this was successful too.   But 0/33 errored every time,  regardless of whether I had configured PPPoA or PPPoE.

It would appear 0/33 is reserved, or there is a bug in the firmware which prevents this combination being used in the Qwest firmware.

For most UK ISPs, use VPI/VCI: 0/38 setting. (o2/BE LLU users should use 0/101)

The default IP address of the Qwest firmware is  (BT, SingTel and other firmware use


Port Forwarding



Wireless Power setting option on v6 firmware.  Appears to offer a FULL power option.   Yippee!!

The choice of wireless security mode (WEP,WPA or WPA2) can be configured on this page too.


Utilities menu:

Note that this firmware only supports US Time zones. eg. Entries stored in the system logs will use US time.



Support Utilities page at     home/support/utilities or




Outstanding issues


Check DHCP server can be disabled - Confirmed.

Unable to change MTU.

Configuring Wireless channel 13 using Opera to edit source HTML - Editing failed.  Defaults to 'Auto'.


(Update 1 Jun 11)  Change TimeZone to GMT/BST using Opera to edit source HTML - Instructions posted by arobertson545 on the kitz user forum can be found here on the 3rd page of the message thread.  I have reproduced a modified version of the original post here for convenience:

Right guys!

Here's how to set the time to UK time.

1.    Download Opera
2.    Go to the timezone page and right click and choose source
3.    On the new page scroll down to the section with the time zones.
4.    Above the highest time zone, paste this:

        <td>British Time</td>
        <td><input type="radio" class="radio-btn" name="TZID" value="1;GMT+0;GMT-1"></td>

5.    Now click Apply Changes.

6.    Now go back to the Time Zone tab/page.  You will now be able to select and save UK time zone setting.

Unfortunately, the daylight saving option has no effect so when the clocks go back you will have to manually change this again.

Editor: I've observed by changing to GMT time zone, the System log no longer displays the actual time stamps for each reported event, so the above mod may be of limited use.



kinmel reports the Qwest firmware is not compatible with RouterStats Lite

Bazru reports VPI/VCI values of 0/33 are not accepted by the Qwest firmware.

WPS - the Qwest firmware supports Wireless Protected Setup.  Unfortunately, I don't have any WPS aware devices/clients, so I cannot test this feature.  WPS is disabled by default in the setup menu.   The push button on the front of the BT 2700HGV hub would I presume be used for WPS.


More test results with ADSL2/2+, and testing on o2/BE connections required.



Test Results


Request for help

If you have tested the Qwest firmware and wish to share your results, please drop me an email along with the name of your ISP, Country (if not UK), Model no., Hub Assembly no, previous firmware version.


Please note that I do not check my email address associated with this web site as often as I used to do, so my advanced apologies if it may be several days before you get a reply.


Model, Assembly No.

Previous firmware



Telecom 2701HGV-W

BT v6.1.1.22

Slingshot, New Zealand (PPPoA, VC-Mux, VPI/VCI: 0/100)

Landyn4 Jan 11

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-007) Dual SSID model

BT v5.29.107.12

AAISP, UK (ADSL2+, PPPoA, Routed VC-Mux)

kinmel reports improved line sync of 4998/828, SNR 2.9db, attenuation 63db.  Better than other BT v6 hub which connected at 4788/828. (Last updated 5 Jan 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-007) Dual SSID model

SingTel v5.29.117.3

PlusNet, UK (BT ADSL1, PPPoA, Routed VC-Mux, Auto-detected: VPI/VCI: 0/38)

MYSELF didn't see any change in line speed around 5,216/448, SNR 12dB, attenuation 46.7db.   I briefly tested disabling DHCP server successfully.  Also reconfigured hub to use address and DHCP scope to .200 so I would not need to reconfigure all my static IP devices. 

  Been using this FW without much trouble since Jan 11. I have noticed there is an obscure problem where Reciva based internet radios may take up to 1 minute to connect to certain radio stations.

(Last updated 3 Sep 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-008) Dual SSID model

BT v6.1.1.48

VPI/VCI: 0/33 Failed

ISP use PPPoE, Bridge LLC

Bazru says it is possible to choose any VPI VCI, except VPI-0, VCI-33. 14 Jan 11

Telecom 2701HGV-W

BT v6.1.1.22

Megatel, New Zealand (PPPoA, VC-Mux, VPI/VCI: 0/100) Failed

Mike reports he achieves a 15mbps ADSL2+ connection to exchange but cannot establish a PPP connection with the Qwest firmware.  The BT firmware works flawlessly. (17 Jan 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-006) Single SSID model (HW version 2701-100588-005)

SBC v4.25.19

ADSL24, UK (ADSL1, PPPoA, VPI/VCI: 0/38)

Mike S. reports he changed the IP range to suit his network and disabled DHCP server and it has been working fine for last few days with no problems.  7616kbps downstream on 27db ADSL1 line. (25 Jan 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-008) Dual SSID model

BT v6.1.1.48

Entanet, UK (upto 8Mb, BT IP Stream Connect)

Warweezil reports the upgrade went OK except it took 2 attempts because the progress bar stopped before it reached 100% during the 1st attempt.  The file was possibly corrupt.  Downloading an alternative copy and installing it was subsequently successful.  Wifi strength appears stronger using 100% setting. (25 Jan 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-006) Single SSID model (HW version 2701-100588-005)

SBC v4.x

TalkTalk Business (formerly: Opal, Pipex Business), TalkTalk LLU.

Glynn reports the Qwest firmware working fine.  (Editor's note: If you are using MTU value of less than 1500, see the above warning about MTU setting with ISPs such as TalkTalk and Tiscali)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-008) Dual SSID model

BT v5.29.117.6

Eclipse Internet, UK (PPPoA)

Tim J. used Chrome on Vista to install the Qwest firmware. He reports full wifi power setting is definitely a lot stronger than default BT setting of '1'. (23 Apr 11)

Telstra (BigPond) 2701HGV-W


AAPT, Australia

Ty also tested Singtel firmware but found it caused slow response and dropouts due to noisy copper lines in his rural Australia.  Qwest running fine for a month (wifi not yet tested). (12 Jul 11)

 BT 2701HGV-C


Semi Bricked !

One unconfirmed report posted here from Scoobs of a hub being semi-bricked.  It doesn't state which v6 firmware was used but the only non-BT firmware currently available is the QWest firmware.

 BT 2701HGV-C

BT v6.3.9.41

Semi Bricked !

MCL confirms downgrading to Qwest firmware will semi-brick the hub. (21 Sep 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-007) Dual SSID model

Direct download of 2+GB file fails to even start and can cause hub to reboot. Click here for more details as it also affects BT v6.3.x firmwares.

The only other alternative v6 recovery firmware available which could resolve this issue, is the BT v6.1.1.22 beta which has been successfully used on Telstra and Telecom 2701HGV-W.

(Added 7 Oct 11)

BT 2700HGV

Some reports here. Success cross flashing from Qwest to v6.1.1.22 and vice versa.

BT 2700HGV

Edd reports his two hubs with Qwest fw have suffered from random restarts lately. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply Static Route hack.

I believe Qwest fw uses provisioning servers at qwest.motive.com

(16 Nov 11)

BT 2700HGV (4201-003003-008)

BT v6.1.1.48

EntaNet (VPI/VCI: 0/38)

Glitch had a few comments:

I discovered that after it's up and running, you need to change the Modem settings from Dynamic to your Static address is essential if you wish to use a WOL command through the internet. (specifically Logmein)

(24 Nov 11)




There are some issues with certain ISPs (eg. MTU, VPI/VCI etc).

Many owners have commented the Qwest firmware is so much faster than the BT v6.1.1.48 firmware when navigating the web interface.

There is a problem with downloading files greater than 2GB. This also affects the later BT v6.3.9.41-plus.tm firmware and appears to be a bug with the Content Screening service.




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