Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Wall mounted hub


AlanB sent me an email to describe how he wall mounted his 2700HGV hub.

"I've inherited a 2700HGV to replace my very tired Belkin F5D7632. The Belkin has screw key-ways on on the back to allow wall mounting, and I wanted to put the 2700HGV in the same place as I'd trunked all the cables up the wall for the Belkin. "

"After *much* ferreting around in B&Q, I came up with a cheap and simple solution.  All you need are a couple of 8mm mirror clips and some cupped washers. The mirror clips fit into the ventilation slots in the sides of the 2700HGV, and the cupped washers go between the mirror clips and the wall to give the correct standoff to allow for the rubber feet on the bottom of the 2700HGV." 

"As the 2700HGV is narrow at the back where the cables connect and wider at the front where the status LEDs are, you can screw the clips and washers to the wall and then simply slide the 2700HGV down the wall with the front facing upwards and the clips fit into the ventilation slots."



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