Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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ATM Encapsulation Settings


On v4 and v5 firmwares, the way the ATM settings are presented in the Broadband Link > Advanced Settings page can be misleading.



Similarly on v6 firmwares's  Settings > Broadband > Link Configuration  page:



If 'ATM PVC Search' is set to 'Enabled', this instructs the hub to search for best ATM settings to use from a predefined list.

The predefined list is believed to include (VPI/VCI):   8/32, 8/35, 8/37, 8/38, 8/81, 0/32, 0/35, 0/38, 0/105, 0/100.


When ATM PVC Search' is set to 'Enabled', do NOT rely on the accuracy of the values displayed in 'ATM Circuit Identifier' and 'ATM Encapsulation' - imho, those two settings really should be greyed out to avoid confusion.


The actual ATM settings can be found by logging into the Management Console webpage:            home/mdc


Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an equivalent page on v6 firmwares to provide the same details as above.


When ATM PVC Search' is set to 'Disabled', you may edit the settings accordingly for 'ATM Circuit Identifier' and 'ATM Encapsulation'.


I have a BT IPstream connection and my ISPs have always recommended using 'Routed VC-Mux' for the ATM Encapsulation.  For some bizarre reason, when 'ATM PVC Search' is set to 'Enabled', it always chooses to use 'Routed LLC'.   I am able to connect to my ISP using either Routed VC-Mux or Routed-LLC on my exchange.



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