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Activation Key Codes


2Wire gateway products make use of Activation key codes.  One or more key codes are usually unique to each ISP that offers 2wire products.  These help to speed up the process of configuring a new hub during installation.  They apply the most appropriate ADSL settings and they can also enable certain Enhanced Services (eg. parental controls).

On firmwares up to v5.x, the activation key code can be manually entered when running through the setup wizard.   On the newer v6.x firmwares, the key code appears to be hard coded at the factory and cannot be changed by the user.

BT 2700HGV hubs users will be familiar with this key code which is built into the firmware 

Factory BT key code:                528Y-27G4-A222-22BJ-B22V


Until recently, I have to admit, I didn't pay much attention to the key code being used on my own BT hubs.  Last September, I performed a factory reset of my hub which had BT v5.29.117.6 firmware installed.   This resulted in the Enhanced services (eg. Parentel Controls) being deleted.  My ISP at the time was NewNet. I was aware of similar cases so this seemed to concur with those observations at the time.


However, 'Peter' wrote to me to recently ask why the following key code was specified on page 27 of his copy of the Product Support Guide which is included with Dual SSID hubs, Assembly No. 4201-003003-008, differed to the one quoted one quoted above.


I entered this key code into my 2700HGV running v5.29.117.6 firmware and low and behold, all the Enhanced Services subsequently re-appeared.  ie.  Internet Access Controls, Firewall Monitor and Content Filtering.     

This key is unlikely to work with BT v5.29.107.12 recovery firmware (Unverified at time of writing)


I subsequently performed another factory reset causing the Enhanced Services to be deleted.  The key code reverted back to the default code ending in 'B22V'.    I decided not to use the setup wizard this time, and simply went straight to the 'Broadband Link ' -> 'Advanced Settings' page and entered my ADSL parameters manually.

Shortly after reconnecting to my ISP, I noticed Enhanced Services reappeared again.  So I am none the wiser!

I should add that my ISP is PlusNet which is owned by BT.   So was this a glitch with my hub, or is Enhanced Services now available for installation once more via any ISP, or is it only available via a BT owned ISPs which include PlusNet?




This is the 2wire Activation key for ISP independent setups.   It can be found on 2wire's own webpage:




To change the key code: 

If you have a standard BT IPstream or similar ADSL connection, the hub should successfully reconnect to your ISP's network.

Otherwise, it will most likely fail for any other type of non-BT ADSL connection.  But, the Activation key has now been successfully saved.  Now you simply have to go through the normal procedure described in: Setting up the 2700HGV (BT v5.x firmware).


Please note that changing the Activation key code will result in various settings being altered or deleted or menu options being unavailable.  So use with caution.



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