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Using a 2700HGV as a Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Wireless Access Points (WAP) are often used to improve wireless coverage in another part of a property where the main wireless router is unable to provide adequate coverage. However, an ethernet network cable needs to be installed to connect the new WAP back to the main ADSL router. (An alternative to running a long cable, is to use powerline adapters – these should perform well in most residential properties, but may be problematic in larger business premises which may be supplied by 3 phase mains power)

Note: The DHCP server on BT firmware v6.1.1.22 cannot be disabled, and so it cannot be used as a WAP.

If you are already using a BT Business hub as your main router, then its default IP address is usually If you plan to install one or more WAPs linked to the main router using ethernet cable, then it is necessary to ensure the WAPs have a different static IP address.

The steps below show how to reconfigure a 2700HGV running BT firmware to behave as a WAP. The aim is to set up this WAP to use an IP address of and to disable the DHCP server. If you plan to install a second WAP, you must give it a different IP address (eg. etc)

                    http://home/xslt?PAGE=J09 &THISPAGE=J46&NEXTPAGE=J09 or           



ie. Type home/ or to access the main 2700HGV ADSL router's home page.

And type to access the home page of the new WAP.

If you are unable to access the WAP's home page, you will need to perform a factory reset on the hub and start the whole procedure from the beginning.

eg. the main ADSL router may perhaps use wireless channel 6, and the new WAP uses channel 11.


Single SSID BT 2700HGV hubs are capable of up to 400mW transmitter output when using v4 or v5 firmware.

Dual SSID BT 2700HGV and hubs running v5 firmware are restricted up to 100mW output.

BT 2700HGV hubs with v6 firmware are restricted to 25mW output but you could use Qwest firmware to boost it to 100mW.

BT 2701HGV-C has a default of 75mW output so is perhaps ideal for use as a WAP 'out of the box'.




These are some screenshots if using the Qwest firmware to configure a Wireless Access Point.

Note that the default IP address of Qwest firmware is

You will need to assign a static IP address to the computer, to be able to make some of the following changes.

If you are planning to change the IP address of the WAP to use for example, you need to change the IP address first to lower address such as192.168.1.1. Then reconnect to the hub and modify the 'Ending IP address' from to before later disabling the DHCP server. Then you will be able to assign to the hub.

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