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Wot? No MAC address

Zane from Singapore wrote to me recently with an interesting observation with v5.x firmwares.

He owns a Singtel 2700HGV-2 (Assy no. 4200-006006-000, HW ver. 2700-100657-005). He observed when he entered the BT keycode on his hub, the MAC address entry was blanked out.


I personally believe this is purely a cosmetic issue.  If the hub had no hardware MAC address, then surely it would not function at all.

You can of course spoof a MAC address by navigating to:

    Home > Broadband Link > Advanced Settings > Hardware Address Override

The spoofed MAC address should then appear at the bottom of the page in:

    Home > Broadband Link > Summary


The ability to edit the MAC address has been removed from newer v6.x firmwares.



(Added 14 Mar 10):

Almost 2 years has now passed since Zane provided the above information.   Today, he had a new Singtel 2701HGV-E installed recently.  It was shipped with firmware version, Hardware Version: 2700-100678-007 and Assembly No : 4200-006005-002.  The supplied key code is 52B5-26P4-6262-22T2-B26U, but as soon as he applied the above mentioned BT key code to enable Parental controls, he observed the same behaviour with regards to the MAC address




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