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Problem with Torrents


As mentioned previously, when using SBC v4.29.107.19 recovery firmware, I have encountered an issue with Windows XP when using an earlier version of BitComet to download a large file via bittorrent.  (I forget the exact version number of BitComet, but was whatever the latest version was circulating during summer 2007)

What I observed was my XP computer (3Ghz Pentium 4) at the time would virtually seize up within a few minutes of initiating the download session using BitComet.   Mouse pointer wouldn't move.  The only way to recover from the situation was to unplug the power from the desktop computer.

I had used BitComet as my preferred bittorrent client for a few years and never experienced any real issues with it.  The only factor that was different this time, was I had started using a 2700HGV with SBC firmware.  As soon as I switched back to the 2700HGV with BT v5 firmware, the lockup problem with BitComet disappeared.   


Another more recent issue was reported by a reader.  Ian had acquired a brand new 2700HGV hub with BT v5.29.117.6 firmware.  He was reporting his new hub appeared to lose port 80 access (ie. web browsing) after a short while and the only way to recover from the situation, was to literally perform a factory reset and re-enter all hub setup parameters.

To cut a long story short, it transpired he uses bittorrent quite a lot.   He was able to finally cure his loss of port 80 after I suggested he check his 'Attack Detection' settings in the firewall settings of his hub.

He found that unticking the 'Miscellaneous' and 'Excessive Session Detection' check boxes resolved his problem.


See also this page regarding possible issues affecting BT v5.29.107.12 and .19 firmwares



(Added Nov 2012):

Unticking 'Packet Flood' check box may also improve performance.

See also a ERR_DMA error issue.

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