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ADSL2+ Support


Following a suggestion by Alan from the IDnetters forum, I thought I'd create this table.

On v5.x firmware, you can check what protocol is being used by navigating to:    Home > Broadband Link > Details

'G.DMT2+ Annex A'   =    'G992.5 Annex A'


G992.5 Annex A

G992.5 Annex M

SBC v4.25.19 Recovery

Yes (note 4)

probably No

BT v5.29.107.12 Recovery

Yes (note 1)

probably No

SingTel v5.29.117.3 Recovery

Yes (note 3)

No (note 3)

BT v5.29.117.6

Yes (note 2)

probably No

BT v6.1.1.48.x

Yes (note 5)

No (note 5)

Qwest QT04-


Probably No

BT v6.3.9.x



Note 1:    Personally tested on o2 'up to 8mb' LLU connection
Note 2:    Comments posted by 'MisterW' on IDnetters forum.  20+Mbps downstream, 1Mbps upstream with ISP, Demon.   I believe Demon is owned by THUS, and hence this may be a C&W LLU ADSL2+ connection.  DSLAM Vendor ID is reported as '50 00 00 00'.  (Corrected)
Note 3:    BE Usergroup Technotes for 2wire 2700
Note 4:    Nigel G. reports his hub is connected to BT ADSL2+ MSAN with Vendor ID IFTN
Note 5:    Dave L. reports his hub connects fine through his ISP, ADSL24, to BT ADSL2+ MSAN with Vendor ID IFTN.  ADSL24 advise the 2700HGV is not Annex M compatible on this page.  The page shows routers marked as "Compatible" but not "Recommended" will connect to the service, but you may have speed or stability issues with these routers due to the old chipset it uses.
If you can assist me to complete and/or confirm the accuracy of the above table, please drop me an email.


I am trying to find out whether BT's currently available ADSL2+ WBC service supports G992.5 Annex M specification.   Annex M offers higher upstream speeds.   Comments posted on various forums as far back as 2008, suggest Annex M is to be introduced later.  Some info about WBC on Samsknows.com can be found here.

BE/o2 LLU already supports Annex M for some of their 20-24 Mbps service where 2.5Mbps upstream speeds are available.

(Added Nov 2011) The ST Micro ADSL analogue front end used in the 2700/2701 hubs, are known to support Annex M. The Telecom branded 2701HGV-W supports Annex M services.

A new thread has been set up on the IDnetters forum to report BT WBC issues.  Click here.

Idnetters forum has reported an IDnet subscriber using a 2700HGV on ADSL2+  (BT WBC).  Details from their hub are:

Broadband Connection:

Built in modem - ADSL

Current Status: 

Fully Operational

DSL Connection Details

Broadband Link

DSL Line (Wire Pair):

Line 1 (inner pair)


G.DMT2+ Annex A

DSL Channel:



Country:{0xB5}     Vendor: {IFTN}     Specific: {0xB971}

ATM PVC Info: 


ATM Encapsulation: 

Routed LLC


Vendor ID



Alcatel (now ST Micro)


Analog Devices






Infineon (Huawei)


ST Micro


Thomson Multimedia Broadband


Texas Instruments



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