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MTU Settings for UK ISPs

Warning: There is a bug with the current BT v6.3.9.63-plus.tm firmware which causes the MTU to be reset back to 1500 if the hub is power cycled.

If you are experiencing problems with certain websites such as hotmail, or you cannot log into Windows Live Messenger, you may need to check your hub's MTU setting.  

Tiscali for example have been migrating Pipex (and I believe Nildram and Toucan) customers from BT's IPstream service to their own cheaper LLU broadband infrastructure.  The work is never openly publicised by Tiscali and so customers are not given any warning.  As a result, many Pipex customers who experienced website access problems are usually unaware they needed to reduce the MTU setting on their router from 1500 to 1458 or less to resolve the issue.

A reader contacted me to advise he was experiencing difficulty accessing secure websites using his new Dual SSID 2700HGV on TalkTalk LLU broadband.  He tried adjusting the MTU on the router, but there was no improvement.   Eventually he reported he had to set the MTU on his PCs to 1400 (Hub MTU remained unchanged at 1500) before he got everything working properly.   

Reader "Brunel" wrote in and advised he has observed on his TalkTalk connection, when using a 2Wire 2700HG-B with SBC firmware, the maximum ping size supported is only 1400.  But if he uses his Dlink 604T router, it supports up to 1500.  ie. 2Wire hub requires MTU of 1400 but Dlink is happy with MTU of 1500.



Summary of suggested MTU values for various UK ADSL broadband Internet Providers

(There are also URL links to official and unofficial user support forums for the respective ISPs mentioned below)

UK Internet Provider





Link to Kitz webpage.  One hub user reports not being able to access 'home' ( page - this was eventually resolved by removing the AOL software.



See also next section for LLU settings

BT wholesale connection (eg. BT, Zen, PlusNet, NewNet, IDnet etc)


Tony D. advised he had difficulty accessing certain website on one occasion on his Zen IPstream connection.  He was subsequently advised to reduce the MTU to 1458 which resolved the problem.  Here is link to Zen support page. (16 Dec 09)



See also next section for LLU settings



1492 (alternative)

I believe Orange are decommissioing their LLU services and now use BT infrastructure for new customers.

(Nov 11)

PlusNet (Tiscali LLU)

1458 or lower

PlusNet customers can determine what gateway they use by visiting this PlusNet webpage.  The page will also report whether it is a LLU connection.  In 2009, PlusNet started to move Tiscali LLU connected customers back to BT.



Link to Kitz webpage


1432 (Not recommended)


Link to Talktalkmembers webpage (21 Aug 09 - Tnx to Ben)

Gopal reported some websites like yahoo.co.uk were very slow.  He eventually had to reduce to MTU to 1400 to resolve the problem. (30 Sep 09)

Charles was experiencing problems with Exchange Server and Outlook.  To cut a long story short, he reduced the MTU from 1432 to 1400 and everything started working perfectly. (15 Dec 09)

"John" wrote to say he is using a hub with BT v5.29.117.6 firmware on TalkTalk.  He found he had to lower the MTU from 1432 to 1400 before he was able to log into certain secure websites. (10 Mar 10)

Dave A. is using 2701HGV-C with default MTU of 1500 without problems on LLU. (Oct 11)

Editor's note: The MTU value may be dependent on the TalkTalk exchange.

Tiscali (including Pipex, Nildram, F2S, Toucan etc)

1458 or lower

LLU connections.

Please note that Tiscali and all subsidiaries are now owned by TalkTalk.  If you find an MTU of 1458 does not work, try a value of 1400.




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