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BE/o2 LLU settings

(Update Nov 2011): There is a bug in the new BT v6.3.9.x firmware which causes Bridged mode settings to be lost when the hub is power cycled.

BeThere and o2 Broadband are currently providing a free-loan Thomson Speedtouch TG585 v7 or higher spec. wireless router to new customers.

o2's '8Mbps Standard' and '16Mbps Premium' LLU services use ADSL2+ (G992.5) Annex A.  The '20Mbps Ultimate' LLU service uses ADSL2+ Annex M.  The o2 Home Access product is a BT 8Mbps BT IPstream wholesale product.

It's unclear which minimum version of firmware (if any) is required to support the higher upstream capability of ADSL2+ Annex M.


Below are verified settings for o2 LLU broadband use and tested with a hub with v5.x and v6.x firmware.  These settings are identical for BE broadband.

Do not use these settings if you have subscribed to o2 'Home Access' broadband service or similar o2 service where the broadband service is provided by BT wholesale's IPstream service.

When the 'Connection Type' is set to Direct IP (Static or DHCP), the PPP username and Password fields are not used and are ignored.  The 'Save' button can be used to save the settings when tested on v5.x firmware.

If you are configuring a brand new 2700HGV with v6 firmware, make sure you change and configure a new System Password before proceeding.


I forgot to obtain a screenshot, but I recall the hub successfully connected with 8000+ kbps downstream and 1000+ upstream line speeds on the 8Mb o2 Standard LLU service.  The attenuation and noise margin figures were comparable to those reported by the o2 Wireless box II.  The hub also reported it was connected at 'GDMT 2+ Annexe A' if memory serves me right.

Interestingly, I observed using Netstumbler, the wireless broadcast strength from the o2 Wireless box II (TG585 v7) was significantly higher than BT hub with default wireless power of 1 (25mW).    But the signal strength reported by Windows XP didn't seem to be any different when tested in a room furthest away from the routers.   

If you have an o2 wireless box II and have the misfortune to suffer from it rebooting now and again, try disabling the wireless interface on the router to see if it is any better when used just through its ethernet connections.


Paul wrote to say he installed the Singtel firmware on his 4201-003003-008 hub.  He went through the setup wizard and entered the BT key code and an invalid username and password for PPPOE connection.  The setup wizard eventually came back with an error with regards to the connection, but the key code was successfully accepted.  Editing the DSL settings in Advanced Broadband menu enabled the hub to connect to BE Broadband.  He adds his DG834G syncs at 13mbps but the 2700HGV only syncs at 11mbps - this is probably attributed to the 8db noise margin figure used by the Singtel firmware.


(Update Nov 08): Reader 'v105' advised he installed the Singtel firmware on to his 4201-003003-008 hub, but discovered it was able to sync with the exchange but was unable to connect to the internet.  After further investigation, it transpired he needed to clone the hardware MAC address of his original o2 wireless box to his 2700HGV before it successfully connected to the o2 broadband service.


Reproduced from BE forums.  This may also apply to o2 connections:

"If you have already connected the Be Box before connecting another router you may find that you have to allow the DHCP lease to expire before your new router will work - in which case disconnect everything for 40 mins from the line before connecting the new equipment (Alternatively use MAC spoofing to spoof the same MAC address as your Be Box)."


Link to BE Usergroup Technotes for 2700 with v5.x firmware.


(Added Dec 09): A friend was experiencing problems with their up to 8Mb BE broadband service.  It wasn't clear what the problem was at first but given the variety of different issues, we had to suspect the ST585v6 BeBox was defective.  BeThere was reluctant to replace the BeBox, so at my suggestion, they bought a brand new 2700HGV.  It had v6.1.1.48 firmware installed.  Initially we had trouble persuading the 2700HGV to save any configuration changes.  It was resolved by changing and setting up a new System Password.  Once that was completed, we had no trouble using the 2700HGV on Be LLU broadband connection.  My friend reports the wifi coverage is also significantly better than the ST585v6.  After a week of service, most of the previous connectivity problems appear to have now vanished from all but one of their half dozen devices.  The remaining device has an intermittent Vista issue.


If you are not already aware, unlike other ISPs which provide free modems/wireless routers to customers, the routers provided by BE and o2 are provided on a loan basis.  If you choose to leave BE/o2, you are required to return the router to them, otherwise they will levy a £50 charge.  This is specified in their Terms & Conditions.



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