Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Stale Session

Discovered one Sunday morning my BT hub had lost connection to the internet.  It appeared to be synchronised to the exchange but log revealed that login authentication was timing out.   I tried rebooting the router, even tried another 2700HGV and a usb modem, all with the same results.  It looked like a problem with my ISP.  Being a Sunday, I was unable to contact my ISP as they only operated a helpline Mondays to Saturdays.

A couple of hours later, I remembered there was a BT test login ID for ADSL IPstream (and datastream?) connections so I tried the login details:

username:            bt_test@startup_domain
password:            (none required)
test URL:            www.bt.net/digitaldemo

The hub immediately connected successfully and I was able to navigate to BT's test URL.  

I then changed the ppp username & password back to my own ADSL login details.  To my surprise, the hub now successfully connected and I was back online.

Later on in the day, I learned about stale sessions.  This is the first time I had witnessed this problem.  



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