Unlocking BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hub (wireless router)


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Main feature of v5.x firmware over v4.x is:

SBC v4.25.x firmware offers 10 wireless power settings (25 to 400mW) on early Single SSID hubs.  No enhanced services are installed.  It must NOT be used on later BT Dual SSID hubs, 2701 models and most 2700 made after 2006 - the firmware will brick the hub permanently.

BT v4.25.x firmware is no longer locked to BT so should work with any UK ISP as from late 2008.

SingTel v5.29.x firmware offers 6 wireless power settings (only 4 are valid on Dual SSID hubs, 25 to 100mW) and is compatible with old and later hubs. Enhanced services are available to download/install if the BT key code is used.  Note this firmware has a MINIMUM of 9dB target noise margin - this will result in lower line speeds on some phone lines.

The BT v5.29.x firmware is favoured over the new v6.1.x firmware simply because it is possible to hack the wireless power setting. If you acquire an unused hub with BT v5.29.117.6 firmware, I recommend you do not upgrade or reflash it with different firmware – change the Provisioning server URL as a precaution – I would personally use a hub with this unmodified firmware over any other later BT release.

The BT v6.1.1.48.x firmware adds BT Openzone wifi hotspot support. It also contains quite a few mostly cosmetic bugs, but it is favoured over the new BT v6.3.9.x firmwares which BT are currently deploying. The present v6.3 upgrades can be blocked by using Adrian C's static route hack.

The BT v6.1.1.22 beta firmware is clearly unfinished, but it does function.

The Qwest v6.1.x firmware is not compatible with all ISPs. It also prevents downloading of files larger than 2 Gbytes. This firmware will semi-brick a BT 2701HGV-C (v6.3 firmware) if directly installed.




Other Information 


Other useful websites

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Forum dedicated to 2700 users.

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Contains a wealth of information about UK ADSL/broadband

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The source for a lot of the early content found on my web page.

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2Wire forum on DSLreports.com


Internal pics of 2wire 3800HGV


Hacking the BT Business Hub

Found this interesting blog by asbokid

Some progress with using JTAG to extract the contents of the 32M NAND Flash from a 2701HGV-C and save it to a file. (14 Jan 12)

OpenReach FTTC postcodes spreadsheet

Found this online searchable spreadsheet containing Dec 2011 data for OpenReach FTTC rollout up to phase 9B. Just click on 'Options' link and filter by postcode. Enter postcode in upper case. (12 Jan 12)


My other webpages

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Some details about using BT Home Hub 2 & 3 on PlusNet and other ISPs owned by BT.

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Screen dumps kindly provided by Asbokid (4 Apr 2012)


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