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BT firmware v6.3.9.63.x information

New firmware starting to be deployed for BT 2700HGV and BT 2701HGV-C.

+ Some v6.1 bugs fixed. Content Screening & Access Controls services appear to be reinstated on some hubs upgraded from 19 Dec 2011.

- Fusion Wireless removed from 2700HGV. Also, far too many new bugs added which can affect normal operations for some users. Very Large file download bug.

(Jan 2014): BT still pushing out this firmware to 2700HGV hubs running v6. on BT business broadband.

(Oct 2013): The same large file downloads issue has returned when trying to download OSX Mavericks (Greater than 5GB). The download stops at 995MB. It may be possible to resolve the issue by applying Adrian C's static route fix for v6.3.9.41 firmware.

http://btbroadbandandhowtosurviveit.blogspot.co.uk/ - read 'October 2013' blog entry.


(Oct 2012): Very Large file download bug identified by Mac OSX users who are unable to download 'Mountain Lion' (file download is believed to be greater than 4GB). Reported in the following links:

http://btbroadbandandhowtosurviveit.blogspot.co.uk/2012_08_01_archive.html - read '16 August 2012' blog entry.


Looks like it may be the Content filtering bug which afflicted v6.3.9.41 firmware. It may be possible to resolve the issue by applying Adrian C's static route fix.

(New 26 Oct 2011)

Andy F. reports his BT 2700HGV business hub was recently upgraded from v6. to a new firmware version v6.3.9.63-plus.tm in the last week or two. He received no notification from his ISP, BT.

The hardware version of his 2700HGV is 2701-100588-005. This is a very early Dual SSID model. (The majority of BT dual SSID models have the later hardware version 2701-100589-005)

Obeservations include:

Andy F. was kind enough to provide some screen captures from a BT 2700HGV.

(2 Nov 11): MHC reports his 2701HGV-C hub was updated to v6.3.9.63-plus.tm firmware early this morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this upgrade be blocked?

A. Use Adrian C's static route tip described here. It should ideally be applied after a factory reset of the hub and before connecting to the internet to prevent Enhanced Services from also being installed. (This may even improve reliability if Enhanced services are not enabled)

Q. My BT 2700HGV is not currently using BT v6. firmware. Will it be upgraded to BT v6.3.x ?

A. I doubt it will be upgraded.

Q.My BT 2701HGV-C is not currently using BT v6.3.9.41-plus.tm firmware. Will it be upgraded to BT v6.3.x ?

A. I doubt it will be upgraded.

Q. Where can I download this firmware to manually install to my 2wire 2700/2701 ?

A. It is not available as a separate download file and I wouldn't install it given the nature of the bugs.

Q. My BT 2700/2701HGV has BT v6.3 installed. Can I safely downgrade it to Qwest v6.1 or BT beta firmwares?

A. Kinmel has successfully downgraded a 2700HGV running v6.3.9.63-plus.tm to BT v6.1.1.22 using the 17MB recovery file. (updated 16 Nov 11)

Please note we also know that installing the older Qwest QT04- firmware directly onto a 2701HGV-C hub (BT v6.3.9.41-plus.tm firmware) will semi-brick the hub. However, arobertson545 reports successfully using BT v6.1.1.22 (probably the bigger 17MB full recovery firmware) on a 2701HGV-C. The Qwest firmware could then be applied afterwards – this has not yet been verified.

Q. Does the new firmware support the higher upload speeds of G992.5 Annex M ?

A. The STMicro hardware certainly supports Annex M, but there is some confusion as to whether the BT models support it. The Telecom 2701HGV-W is known to support Annex M.

Q. Has BT fixed the issue where the wireless channel number can change from the chosen setting?

A. We don't know at present. This bug has existed as far back as the v5 firmwares so it doesn't seem likely it will be fixed given it was still present in v6.3.9.41-plus.tm used in 2701HGV-C model. This has been a problem where for example laptops belonging to travellers from USA can't access channels 12 or 13.

Q. My 2700HGV was one of the early ones where I was able to hack the wireless power level to setting '2' or above when it originally had BT v4/v5 firmware. Will this setting be wiped when it is upgraded from v6. to v6.3.x ?

A. Over the net firmware upgrades usually retain all custom wireless and VOIP settings. A factory reset of the hub will delete all custom settings.

Q. Is BT/2wire likely to release another firmware upgrade to fix the new problems with the v6.3.9.63-plus.tm firmware ?

A. We don't know whether a fixed firmware is planned. With the imminent release of the new wireless N enabled BT Business Hub 3 (BH3), BT may just decide there is no longer any further incentive to upgrade the firmwares on the 2wire 270x hubs. If an existing business customer experiences a technical issue with the 2wire hub, BT could simply offer a replacement BH3 to hopefully resolve the issue.

Factory Reset information

Unanswered questions for the 2700HGV which has been upgraded to v6.3 firmware, and where the hub has been subsequently reset back to factory defaults by using the Reset button on the rear of the hub.

Perhaps you can provide answers to these questions ?

Q. Is OpenZone still enabled by default ?

A. It is disabled after a factory reset, but is automatically re-enabled when the hub successfully connects to the internet.

Q. What is the default wireless power level ? (1 or 3 ?)

A. Two conflicting reports. At the moment, my money is on BT not changing anything. ie. Factory default setting remains at setting '1' (25mW) for 2700HGV, and '3' (75mW) for 2701HGV-C models.

Q. Is Content Screening & Access Controls (Enhanced Services) re-enabled when the hub is successfully reconnected to the internet ?

A. Yes, if it previously existed prior to the upgrade.

Technical issues & bugs

Missing content from web pages delivered from internal web server when using an external URL/address

(3 Nov 11)

Kinmel reports:

One of my 2700HGV v6s updated yesterday and for some reason is causing problems for my webserver across the LAN.

If I access the pages from outside my LAN, or through a proxy from my LAN, then everything works perfectly. However, with the updated V6, pages delivered locally from the webserver are lacking all CSS rendered elements.

I can do a work around by adding the domains into the hosts file pointing directly to the server IP, which suggests it DNS related.

A brand new 2700HGV with v6. renders the pages correctly.

J1mbo provides a likely technical explanation:

My router updated recently, and I noticed that accessing externally accessible web servers from an internal host (but using the external address - hope this makes sense!) is broken with this firmware.

Anyway, here is the issue:

- Internel web server

- Internal client

- BT router

- External static IP say

- Port forwarding for port 80 configured to

So, externally the web server is accessible as

Internally, under v6.1.1.48 it would also be accessible using the same address (sometimes called 'loop back').

However with the new firmware, while external access works OK, access from within the network to results in much missing content and hence incorrectly displayed web pages in certain cases.

Packet traces on the client itself show the router serving dupe ACKs on each GET then after some point reset all connections (literally, TCP reset). Obviously that stops the browser dead. More odd is that it seems to serve content from IIS OK, but not from apache.

The discussion is continued on the Idnetters forum in this thread

A similar problem been reported on BT business broadband forum here. (Added 15 Nov 11)

The issue can be resolved by adding entries to local HOSTS file on each computer, or if your computers make use of the hub's internal DNS server, try adding entries to the Settings > Broadband > DNS Resolution page.

eg. www.mywebpage.mydomain.com

On my suggestion, Kinmel also tried Adrian C's static route hack to block installation of Enhanced services. However, it was no surprise that this did not resolve the loop back issue. (Added 16 Nov 11)

Slow or incomplete delivery of web pages

The above mentioned thread on the Idnetters forum also includes comments about web pages being slower to render with the new v6.3 firmware when compared to earlier v6. firmware.

I too have perceived a slight loss in “snappiness” when loading web pages from popular websites like BBC etc when I was previously using my 2700HGV with the new v6.3 firmware a few weeks ago.

Update (27 Dec 11): I've been running a 2700HGV with v6.3.9.63-plus for a week and I've not noticed any significant performance issues when loading web pages lately. Unless it has been an issue with my ISP, the only other thing that has changed is I did factory reset the hub recently – this is likely to cause the hub to re-download any soft configuration changes from the provisioning servers upon first successful connection to the internet.

Update (7 Jan 12): Web page rendering still seems to be okay. No missing images or other errors on pages. Certainly, any loss in 'snappiness' is not particularly noticeable. I have though now swapped over to using my 2701HGV-C with v6.3.9.41plus-tm (with Adrian C's static route hack) and I have noticed a perceived improvement in web page rendering speeds, but the difference in negligible.

Wordpress Dashboard

This thread for a 2700HGV user who was unable to access Wordpress dashboard on a particular remote host.

Another thread on BT business broadband forum reporting a very similar issue. (Added 15 Nov 11)

Modified MTU value is lost after power cut

(9 Nov 2011)

KeyL reports there is a problem editing the MTU value on his 2700HGV with v6.3.9.63-plus.tm firmware. Fortunately, the default value of 1500 works fine with his new ISP, Orange, who I believe now uses BT WBC infrastructure for new customers.

Editor's note: After conducting a number of tests on my 2700HGV with same firmware, I can confirm the MTU reverts back to 1500, especially after the hub is power cycled.

MHC advises this bug also affects 2701HGV-C with the same v6.3.9.63-plus.tm firmware, but it does not affect the original factory installed v6.3.9.41-plus.tm firmware for the 2701HGV-C. (16 Nov 11)

I've also tried editing the other settings on the Broadband Link configuration page, such as IP address info, DNS server info and domain name, and they appear to be saved and retained after power cycling the hub. However, undoing those changes is another matter. I don't appear to be able to revert back to obtaining IP address automatically (DHCP) – a factory reset would therefore be required in this case.

Bridged mode settings lost after power cut

(updated: 10 Nov 2011)

It is apparently known that bridge mode settings are lost when the 2701HGV-C hub with v6.3.9.41-plus.tm is power cycled.

From brief tests which I have recently conducted on a 2700HGV with v6.3.9.63-plus.tm, it looks like the real issue is the hub changes the Connection Type back to PPPoA when the hub is power cycled. BT business customers using a 3rd party router connected to their 2700HGV configured in bridged-mode would be affected by this bug. I'm astonished this bug hasn't been fixed if it is the same bug as in the earlier .41 firmware which has existed for over a year.

Some ISPs such as o2/BE LLU broadband users also use Bridged-LLC mode.

Upgrade might break WPA-PSK

(Added 16 Nov 11):

This thread on BT business forum mentions there is a known problem which could break WPA-PSK wireless functionality on some hubs, along with a solution which doesn't involve having to perform a full factory reset of the hub.

Fwiw, my 2700HGV was configured to WPA-PSK wireless security and I didn't experience any issues following the upgrade to v6.3.

Random Restarts

(Added 24 Nov 11):

I started retesting my unmodified 2700HGV over the last few days, mainly to see whether I could observe any slow-down in rendering web pages.

To my surprise, the hub restarted by itself for no obvious reason this afternoon. I was browsing popular websites at the time. eg. Amazon, BBC etc.

I had previously observed similar unexplained spontaneous restarts using an unmodified 2701HGV-C running v6.3.9.41 firmware a few weeks ago. The issue appeared to disappear when I applied Adrian C's static route hack to block communications to the motive.com servers and prevent installation of enhanced services. Other readers have reported problems with Qwest firmware and BT v6.1.1.22 firmware lately. Finger of suspicion is pointing to motive.com.....

(7 Jan 12): I have been using my 2700HGV without interruption since the 19th Dec. I had factory reset the hub and it has been fine over Xmas and the New Year, but this morning, the hub spontaneously rebooted – I was waiting for the File Save popup dialogue box to appear in IE9 for a file I clicked on a web page to download. I've also noticed some comments by lozcart on the Idnetters forum who has observed the hub can be made to lock up and restart when attempting to view certain web pages. This could be the same issue I have been witnessing too, but it is not conclusive based on my own observations. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the problem on demand.

(12 Feb 12): After successfully testing a 2701HGV-C (v6.3.9.41-plus.tm), I am now using my 2700HGV (v6.3.9.63-plus.tm) with Adrian C's static route hack, applied to block installation of Enhanced services, for the next month or so.

(13 Mar 12): Nothing to report after 31 days use. No spontaneous reboots, web browsing speed seems fine.

Request for information

If your BT 2700HGV hub has recently been upgraded, feel free to drop me an email with the following info:

Hardware version (Found in Settings → System Info → Summary)

Previous firmware version

Name of your ISP

2GB file short test

Downloading large files greater than 2GB has been reported as an issue with the newer BT 2701HGV-C when Content Screening & Access Controls services are present.

Here are some test files. It is NOT necessary to download the entire 2GB file. Just download the first 0-20MB and observe whether the file transfer appears to stall. If you observe it stalls, abort the download immediately, or wait and see whether your hub crashes and restarts within two minutes in worst case scenario....

Test files: hostdime or sourceforge

Reports of hubs upgraded to BT v6.3.9.63-plus.tm

BT 2700HGV (v6.

Model, Hardware version


2GB short test

2700HGV, (2701-100588-005)

BT Business, UK


Andy F. First 20MB of linux ISO downloaded without problems.

Wireless power level setting increased to '3', but adds that wifi is not used so has always been disabled on this hub.

Wireless power level appeared to increase to '3' (75mW)

Access controls still present after upgrade.

(26 Oct 11)


BT Business, UK


BT business broadband user. (posted on BT business forum on 23 Oct 11)

2700HGV, (2701-100589-005)

PlusNet, UK

Very Large file success

Myself. Entire 3.99GB ISO test file downloaded successfully from here without problems. I also retrieved a 2.1GB file from another site without problems.

Access controls & Content filtering still present after upgrade.

Later, I performed a full factory reset and sadly I have to report the wireless power level setting is unchanged at level '1'.

Minimum hub password length increased to 8 characters.

Upgrade Log shows previous version as as opposed to Record of initial v5.29.x has been deleted. (29 Oct 11)

I was editing the broadband link settings. To cut a long story short, the hub managed to end up in a startup and shutdown loop, eventually causing all hub settings to be deleted & revert back to factory defaults. I was able to stop the looping by pulling out the ADSL cable – this allowed me to set up the connection parameters after which the hub was able to reconnect to my ISP, PlusNet, after reinserting the ADSL cable.

(12 Nov 11)

2700HGV, (2701-100589-005)

BT Business, UK


Hub upgraded around dawn on 19th October.

2700HGV, (2701-100589-005)



Kinmel reporting a problem with his home server which hosts websites following upgrade.

See Technical Issues & Bugs section.

(1 Nov 11)

2700HGV, n/a



J1mbo also has encountered the same issues as Kinmel but is able to provide a possible explanation.

See Technical Issues & Bugs section.

I noted previously ("BT v6.1 bugs - Issue 2 - Routes to Internal Networks Don't Work") is at long last fixed and static routes to internal subnets appear correctly in the routing table (i.e. once). I haven't tested WiFi roaming as I use a number of APs now instead.

(3 Nov 11)

2700HGV, (2701-100589-005)

Orange (France Telecom), France


Barrie E. advises hub was updated this morning.

Content Screening still present after upgrade. Wireless power level unchanged at '1'.

Menus feel faster to navigate.

(2 Nov 11)

2700HGV , (2701-100589-005)


Julie. Broadband link settings changed back to factory defaults. ie. Greenlight, 0/38, PPPoA etc, about 2 weeks ago.

Editor's note: BE uses Bridged-LLC/Direct-IP, so this hub now suffers from non-PPPoA lost bridged-mode settings bug if power cycled.

(10 Nov 11)

No further upgrades have been reported since the 3rd Nov 2011.


A report on Idnetters forum by lozcart.

(20 Dec 11)

2700HGV, (4201-03003-008)

BT Business, UK

Colin G. reports his original hub kept losing its settings if power cycled.

BT supplied a replacement, albeit an older 2007 made unit with probably v6. pre-installed. Unfortunately, the new hub didn't have the wifi range of the old unit, and when it was also upgraded to v6.3.9.63 in December, he started experiencing issues with his ethernet attached server.

He has now downgraded his replacement hub to v6.1.1.22 for use on his 20mb ADSL connection to resolve his server problem. The original hub, also running new v6.3.9.63, has also been downgraded initially to v6.1.1.22, then to Qwest QT04- and is configured as a wireless access point, connected to the other hub. The Qwest firmware allows him to manually configure the wifi transmit power, giving a 11dbm improvement.

He also reports speedtest.net gives 14mbps via wireless and 12mbps via ethernet connection using two different laptops.

(21 Feb 12)

BT 2701HGV-C (v6.3.9.41-plus.tm)

Model, Hardware version


2GB short test

2701HGV-C (2701-100630-008)

BT Business, UK


MHC reports 2701HGV-C hub upgraded this morning.

This hub has previously had a tendency of changing wifi channel no.

Content Screening & Access Controls were not present on the hub prior to the upgrade, and it is still missing after the upgrade. (A factory reset has not been executed)

Wireless power level setting unchanged at '3' (75mW)

Up to 100MB of 2+GB test file retrieved without problems.

(2 Nov 11)

No further upgrades have been reported since the 3rd Nov 2011.

2701HGV-C (2701-100630-008)

BT Retail, UK

Edd G. reports his hub upgraded (22 Dec 11)

Content screening & Access controls existed before and after the upgrade.

2701HGV-C (2701-100630-009)

BT Business, UK


MHC reports two 2701HGV-C hubs upgraded.

Content Screening & Access Controls has been added too.

(29 Dec 11)

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