BT Business Hub 3

(Created 4 April 2012) 

The following images have been kindly provided by Asbokid.

See also the thread on the kitz forum.

Firmware version installed: (type A)


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Advanced Settings

Changing PPP login details

As the BH3 is identical in hardware to Home Hub 3 (type A), it is no surprise it behaves similarly with regards to which ISPs are supported on ADSL with the BH3.

A list of known realms supported by Home Hub 2 can be found here. It is known the Home Hub 3 (type A) can be used on PlusNet (ISP owned by BT)

A randomly created PPP username and password entered as a test

Failed !

The test was repeated for a randomly created PPP username in PlusNet realm. (BT own PlusNet)

Successfully saved, so there is a very good chance the BH3 can be used on PlusNet.

The following screenshots are a bit misleading as the BH3 was connected to a TalkTalk LLU connection, which accepts any PPP username & password.