BT Home Hub 2 & 3 on PlusNet and other UK ISPs

Last updated: Jan 2012  (Created 25 Apr 2009)


Some BT Home Hub 2 and 3 models can now apparently be hacked to work with most ISPs in the UK. 

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Apparently, the Home Hub 2 (type A & B) and 3 (type A) models are known to be compatible with a number of BT owned ISP subsidiaries such as PlusNet. Click here for details for the Home Hub 2B.

BT Home Hub 2 (Type A)

Thomson, Broadcom chipset

BT Home Hub 2 (Type B)

Sagem/Siemens Gigaset. Infineon based chipset

BT Home Hub 3 (Type A)

Sagem/Siemens Gigaset. Infineon/Lantiq chipset.

BT Home Hub 3 (Type B)

Huawei. Chipset unknown.

(Jan 2012): The BT Home Hub 3A seems to have issues with its ethernet/gigabit ports, wifi, and suffers from the Orange Light of Death.

The BT Home Hub 3B started shipping from October 2011 in small quantities along side the HH3A. It is not yet known whether this model will work with BT owned ISP subsidiaries such as PlusNet.

(Apr 2012): The new BT Business Hub 3 (type A) is based on the old BT Home Hub 3A. A quick test reveals the BH3 will save a PlusNet PPP username, but it hasn't been verified on a PlusNet ADSL connection at time of writing.

BT Business Hub 3 information

ISP Compatibility Table

Update Oct 2011: According to comments posted on the PlusNet forums, the BT Home Hub 2 type A and B variants, and the new BT Home Hub 3A are all compatible with PlusNet.

Here is a summary table of broadband usernames@realms I have tested with no ADSL cable attached back in April 2009 using an unmodified BT Home Hub. Note that this table may not necessarily be applicable to later revisions of firmware for the Type A hub. I had no difficulties using the Home Hub on my PlusNet ISP connection.

BT Home Hub 2.0 (Type A), Firmware version 8.1.F.4


Username format






















Saved – The Home Hub saved the Broadband username.
Failed – The Home Hub refused to save the username. Unsupported ISP.


(Updated 6 May 09):  Approaching one week of use.  The Home Hub 2A appears to sync around 300 kbps less than my 2700HGV hubs.   My ADSL1 line is not the best at times, and in the warmer months, the line can often drop its sync due to noise, and restore the line at a much lower line speed to as little as 3,800 kbps on the Home Hub.  The Home Hub seems to lose sync more frequently averaging once every one or two days - this appears to be a bit more frequent than my 2700HGVs.   In the mean time, this has resulted in my IP profile reported through dropping to as low as 3000 kbps - the lowest I've ever witnessed.

(Updated 7 May 09):  After witnessing the Home Hub drop the line again and restore the connection to around 3,800 kbps, I decided this morning to reinstate the 2700HGV to try and establish whether my line has truly deteriorated, or whether the Home Hub cannot maintain line sync under difficult conditions.   From past experience, the 2700HGV can usually maintain a steady line sync around the 4,900 kbps from early highs of 5,800 kbps when first powered on.

(Update 12 May 09):  My 2700HGV has maintained an uninterrupted line sync of around 5,200 kbps for 5 days.   This confirms my suspicions the BT Home Hub 2 isn't able to maintain line sync higher than 4,000 kbps on my particular noisy ADSL line.  My IP profile had dropped to as low as 3,000 kbps when previously experimenting with the Home Hub. Today, my IP profile has now returned to 4,500 kbps.   

Note: The Home Hub has not been tested on an ADSL2+ connection which is likely to produce different results.